The SPPRAK banners are up at Terre Haute 

Regional Hospital and they are quickly being 

covered with Post-It notes for our employees! 

Day after day, our hospital staff is consumed with 

taking care of our patients and their families, but 

now, we are seeing the need to also turn our attention to our co-

workers.  We have always stepped up to help each other during times 

of tragedy, but we have never really had a place to just say thank you, 

share kind words or give special recognition for a job well done.  

People really enjoy being “SPPRAK’d.”

It is so simple, but a tremendously effective way to thank, encourage 

and lift the spirits of one another. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!  

In the long run, happy workers should in turn make happier patients!

Lorita Yancy

Executive Administrative Assistant


“It is good, mostly for bad   people to learn good   

  instead of doing bad because bad stuff could  just 

  hurt other people's feelings.”

  Martin Waldbieser

“One student that was known for his negative   

  behavior began to intentionally look for positive   

  behavior so that the could have his name on the    

  SPPRAK wall.”

Robin SmithPrincipal 

Terre Haute North Vigo High School


We implemented the SPPRAK Pack program at 

Terre Haute Regional Hospital in January 2014.  

We purchased 3 small banners to display in 

specific units of the hospital and one large 

banner to put in the cafeteria.  This program has 

been beneficial to our hospital in more ways than                                       


Response from both staff, visitors, and patients has been 


Staff have utilized the banners in their areas to recognize co-

workers for helping each other out and working as a team.  

Visitors have posted notes praising hospital staff and the care 

their loved ones have received.  We have also had 

patients acknowledge a specific nurse or staff member that went 

out of their way to make a difference in their recovery.  We have 

been rotating the banners throughout units on the 

hospital and they fill up quickly with the colorful post it notes. 

I would recommend this program as a great act of kindness and 

morale booster!

Carole Pitts, RN, COHN-S

Employee Health Nurse

Terre Haute Regional Hospital

“It is a way that we all   can make a   difference.”

 Caroline Potter