Who We Are

What is it about those green SPPRAK® sunglasses?


Besides being fun, there really is a reason behind them!

It started with three pairs of sunglasses, the idea? Behind those 

sunglasses could be anyone! SPPRAK®  may have started with three 

people and an amazing idea, but SPPRAK®  is much more than those 

three people!

When we started SPPRAK®  we were sure we wanted to include others 

in this journey, to take the focus off of us, and to put it where it 

belongs. That is the reason for our business cards with our faces 

hidden behind sunglasses and under hats.

SPPRAK®  is all of the people who come to events, who take the time to 

support our projects, who donate to those in need, the people who 

quietly go about their business, opening doors, showing small 

kindnesses to each person they come in contact with. They are the 

students and teachers writing post it notes, they are the person who 

paid for your coffee this morning and disappeared before you could 

thank them.

The sunglasses make us all SPPRAK® under cover agents!